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Code of Conduct & Expectations

Code of Conduct & Expectations

In  addition to demanding athletic and academic excellence from our water polo student
athletes, we will also teach them valuable life skills on a  daily
basis. These skills include leadership, respect for
authority, sportsmanship, honesty, reliability and punctuality.

The  best way to teach these life skills and to achieve the respect
and  success that we desire for International WPC members is to lay  expectations for our club members which are set forth below

1.  Athletes  are expected to attend practices and games unless
excused or prior notification is made and to  communicate with the coaches in advance regarding any
absences or  tardiness.

2. In  the case of a player injury or illness all players/parents are
expected to communicate with coaches on the time table to return/and if there are any additional medical concerns or precautions. Athletes are encouraged to keep up a level of fitness during their injury/illness and also encouraged to be  present on the pool deck to watch practices or
games if possible to support the team and to learn what the team is doing, and to just be part of the team.  Missing one  practice can affect the success of the team. If a
coach thinks an injury or Illness is too severe for watching practices/games,
the athlete will be told by a coach to stay home or will be sent home or communication made to parents.

3. Athletes are expected to be on the pool deck prepared for practice prior to the start of practice.

4. Communication  with coaches is encouraged to come from the
athlete,  parents are also involved in this process, definately with the younger athletes.  We do want the older athletes to learn how to take responsibility for
himself/herself. We want the parents to encourage the maturity process here for their children.

5. Athletes must wear the designated team gear at all games.  It is important that we look like a team at all times.

6. Athletes shall refrain from the use of profane, insulting,
harassing or otherwise offensive language. Excessive  yelling, arguing
or talking back to a coach, game official, opponent,  or parent is
unaccepatable and detrimental to the club.  An athlete may be suspended
from a practice or a game and/or expelled from the club depending on the
individual circumstances.

7. Athletes  are ambassadors of INTER WPC and shall maintain high
standards of moral and  ethical conduct, which includes self-control and
responsible behavior  and consideration for others’ physical and
emotional well-being.

8. Athletes  shall treat coaches, officials, teammates, opponents and
parents with  respect and expect to be treated with respect in return.

9. Athletes  and parents will respect the coaches and officials and
their authority  to make decisions and should not question, discuss, or
confront coaches  at the pool, and will take time to speak with coaches
at an agreed upon  time and place.

10. Athletes shall take care and be respectful with the equipment both at home and while away.

11. It is appreciated when athletes  and parents help take care of our club, to be sure pool deck is
free from trash  after practices and games both at home and while away.

12. Athletes  should remain at the home pool until equipment is
secured, pool covers  are in place, trash is removed both after practice
and games, and the  coach has given the athlete permission to leave.

13. During  practices, players must listen attentively and
respectfully to coaches  and work conscientiously. Coaches work
hard to plan/prepare/structure the practices  and players are expected to work to gain the
utmost from these.

14. Remember, we are a team, a club! Take pride in yourselves and pride in representing INTERNATIONAL WPC.





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