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List of Events/Competitions

Tentative List of Events & Competitions

Inter W.P.C.  sign ups for game/tournament/league announcements

Dear Inter W.P.C. members (please take the time to real through all the material, and sign up today for all events offered

        • please check your account at www.InterWPC.com, if you have any outstanding bills that need to be paid, please take care of that ASAP, if you participated in a previous season or event and did not pay and it does not show up on your account that you owe, please sign up for the event and then pay, if sign up is not available under “my events”, contact Bahram Hojreh to enable that option for you, you can pay online via credit card, paypal, check or cash
        • if there is a mistake on your account and shows you owe for something when¬† you clearly did not participate, or if¬† you participated and paid but for some odd reason that accounting was not credited and cleared for, please bring it to Bahram’s attention via email at interwpc@gmail.com, please try to provide some kind of proof or explanation
        • please go on your player’s account at www.interwpc.com, go to “my events” tab on top of page, scroll down to find “Season” Session 2017 Club dues, sign up for the correct age group, and pay your fees ASAP…if you were promised a pro-rated fee, sign up, but do not pay yet, contact interwpc@gmail.com and ask for account credit first
        • let me know if there is any confusion on practice times days and locations
        • team apparel, tshirts, beanies, hoodies, towels, stickers¬†are free, suits cost $40 for male, $60 for female, shorts cost $40 and bags cost between $4–$60…there may be some other items in the near future that we will announce
        • make sure your athlete gets their uswp membership insurance renewed now which will last through the end of the year, go to www.usawaterpolo.org, select either bronze (covers practices and scrimmages), silver (practices, scrimmages, tournaments, leagues), or gold (practices, scrimmages, tournaments, leagues, national events, championships, and uswp clinics/camps)…make sure you are affiliated with International Water Polo Club, USWP ID# 15680
        • if you have possible interest of water polo activities besides Inter¬†WPC and your current/future high school team , please keep coach Bahram aware as you may seek advice/guidance on possible clinics, camps, lessons, tryouts, college info., or other type of related activities
        • if you want to e-mail us new pictures/video (individual player or team, game or practice or social) to be considered to possibly post on our website and/or social media pages, that would be great
        • we need more help with donations, fundraising, recruiting, advertising….thanks for any considerations, we have some advertising lawn signs & banners that can be put up in visible/high traffic areas, we have colored business cards that can be distributed, you can make copies of our fliers to distribute, or advertise on social media to your friends who do not know much about our great sport
        • what is the typical cost of games and when will you be billed ? once there are enough online sign ups for a team and that team is entered in an event, then online billing will be added to your player account for that event….scrimmages are usually free, league games can cost $10-$15/game or $25-$35 per day usually 2 or 3 games, sometimes 4 if lucky…1 day mini tournaments can cost $30-$40/day…..2 day basic tournaments can cost $50-$75 depending on location and quality, 3 day tournaments can cost over $75 depending on location, quality, who is hosting, national championship type tournaments are much more expensive(details described later when we get close to qualifiers)….winterfest is our club’s fundraiser and directed/hosted tournament, we charged $160 for several years however it included play time for the athletes, tournament design competition suit and t-shirt as well¬†other than practices, we need our athletes to attend more games to get better as an individual player and team cohesiveness, we know sometimes newer athletes are scared or most experienced athletes believe that not every game opportunity is beneficial, but it is all important for everyone, all skill levels, that means sometimes making personal or family sacrifices to take care of some important but sometimes inconvenient things now in order to reap the rewards later of all the time/work…based on sign ups, sometimes coaches have to make roster/put teams together based on many factors, more experienced players, less experienced players, specific age groups, mixed age groups, sometimes coed as wellfor the events below, sign-up button is enabled on “my events” tab/drop down menu on top of your player account at www.interwpc.com, the sooner we know about who signs up online, the sooner we know which teams to enter each event, please do not delay, sign up today
        • Pacific Winter Classic Tournament (North San Diego County)-January 14-15 (all age groups, 10U,12U,14U,16U,18U) we go to this event every year…(for our y outh members it is back to back weekends with Santa Barbara tourney)
        • 10&Under Dare to Dream Festival (Irvine area)- January 14-16 (10&Unders only) we have never done this event before, it is the 2nd year they are offering it, I heard from some other clubs that it is fun if we can put a team together
        • Santa Barbara SB 805 Youth Cup Tournament (Santa Barbara area pools)-January 21-22 (youth age groups 10U,12U,14U) we go to this every year, it is great for our kids)
        • WinterFest’17 Water Polo Tournament- mandatory to play and parent volunteer (our club hosted/directed using many pools)- February 17-18 (age groups 10u,12u,14u,16u,18u), I have personally put on this event since 2000)
        • not added to sign up button on website yet, but WinterFest’17 Masters/Adult/Open divisions will be February 10-12 weekend, if you are an adult and are interested to play, let us know personally for now, we may add some stronger high school 18&Us and college kids to our rosters
        • Southern Pacific Zone Winter League- Sat Jan 21st (boys 18U, 16U)
        • Southern Pacific Zone Winter League- Sat Jan 28th (boys 18U, 16U)
        • Southern Pacific Zone Winter League- Sun Jan¬†29th (youth 10U,12U,14U)
        • Southern Pacific Zone Winter League- Sat¬†Feb 25th¬†(boys 18U, 16U)
    • we are working on other game events to be added soon additionally to what we shared with above, so keep your calendars clear and lets play lots of water polo, sign up today so we can enter our teams early!¬†
    • Regards,Bahram Hojreh

      email: interwpc@gmail.com

      cell/text: 949-533-5216

Date Age Group Events/Competitions Details
Sat Nov 21,2015 14&U Coed Brea Olinda H.S.
Sat, Sun Dec 12-13,2015 all age groups except high school girls Ventura County Cup
Sat, Sun Dec 19-20,2015 all age groups except high school girls Commerce Holiday Invite
Sat, Sun Jan 9-10, 2016 all age groups except high school girls Pacific Polo Winter Classic, North San Diego County
Sat, Sun Jan 23-24, 2016 all youth age groups only, NO HIGH SCHOOLERS SB805WPC Youth Cup, Ventura & Santa Barbara area
Fri, Sat, Sun Feb 12-14,2016 all age groups and skill divisions WinterFest’16 (southern pacific and coastal zones)
Sun Feb 28, 2016 12&U Boys Laguna Beach 1 day mini tourney
Sun Mar 6, 2016 14&U Girls Laguna Beach 1 day mini tourney
Sun Mar 13, 2016 12&U Girls Laguna Beach 1 day mini tourney
Sun Apr 3, 2016 14&U Boys Laguna Beach 1 day mini tourney
Sun Apr 17, 2016 10&U Coed Laguna Beach 1 day mini tourney
Sat,Sun April 30-May1, 2016 Girls 14U/12U Commerce 14&U Girls Tournament Invite  
Sat,Sun April 30-May1,2016 B&G- 18U,16U,14U,12U,10U Riverside Spring Bash
Fri, Sat, Sun May 6-8,2016 B/G-10U, 12U, 14U San Diego County Cup  
Sat, Sun May 14-15,2016 B/G- 12U, 14U OC Riptide Invite  
Sat/Sun May 21-22, 2016 12UG, 14UG, 16UG, 18UG SB-805 Invite
May 27-29/30,2016 all age groups Rocky Mountain Rumble (Boulder/Thornton, Colorado)
Fri,Sat,Sun June 3-5,2016 Coed 10&U, B/G 12&U, 14&U SOPAC Zone Junior Olympic Qualifier Tournament-youngers  
Sat/Sun June 4-5, 2016 16U-18U B/G BigFoot Classic hosted by foothill club
Sat,Sun June 18-19, 2016 10&U, 12&U, 14&U LittleFoot Classic hosted by Foothill Club  
Sat,Sun June 18-19,2016 Girls 18U Commerce 18&U Girls Tournament
Fri,Sat,Sun June 17-19,2016 Boys 16U, 18U Commerce Boys Invite #1
Fri,Sat,Sun June 23-26, 2016 B/G 16&U, 18&U SOPAC Zone Junior Olympic Qualifier Tournament-olders  
Sat,Sun June 25-26,2016 10UCoed, 12UBoys, 14UBoys Commerce Boys Invite #2
Sat,Sun July 2-3, 2016 Girls 16&U Commerce Girls 16&U Invite
Fri,Sat,Sun July 8-10, 2016  all age groups (if we qualify) U.S. Club Championships
Fri,Sat,Sun July 8-10, 2016 18&U/16&U B/G  (mix club) Northwood 18&U B/G Classic
Fri,Sat,Sun July 8-10, 2016 18&U/16&U B/G (Uni only invite) Coronado Island 18&U B/G Invite (for Uni kids team bonding)
Th,Fri,Sat,Sun July 14-17,2016 18&U B&G (mix club) Shaver Lake (Sanger,CA) Camping Tournament
Fri,Sat,Sun July 15,16,17,2016 all ages groups B/G 14s,16s,18s Cal State Games (San Diego)
Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues July 23-26, 2016 Boys 12U,14U,16U,18U..10&UGirls National Junior Olympics - Northern California (if we qualify)  
Thurs,Fri,Sat,Sun July 28-31,2016  Girls 12U,14U,16U,18U..10&U coed National Junior Olympics - Northern California (if we qualify)  

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